New Free Armenian and Russian Keyboards 2011 !

Armenian and Russian Keyboard Drivers – very usefull for armenians from post-USSR countries!
The Advantages are:
1. No need additional soft (like KdWin, WinKeys) – they embedded in Windows at taskbar.
2. They contains both – ANSI and UNICODE typesets in Phonetic typing modes – switching by “CapsLock“.
3. They also contain “chakert”, “hartsakan”, “batsakanchakan”, “but”, “shesht” symbols for Armenian and “Tvjordij znak”, “Io” for Russian keyboards. Also “Dram” and “Ruble” signs, if You using AK-series fonts
4. Usual for KdWin users key placement! – The original MS Windows key-placement of Armenian is not usual for post USSR armenians.
5. Works in new environments – Windows7, Office2010, CorelDrawX5, Adobe CS5, Quark8, and etc.
6. Loading fast (not like KdWin – it is embedded in Windows), do not hang.
7. It’s FREE!

Here are the links:

Armenian Phonetic ANSI & UNICODE – mode switching – by “CapsLock” Key
Russian Phonetic ANSI & UNICODE – mode switching – by “CapsLock” Key

If You don’t like idea of 2in1 ANSI & UNICODE or/and need usual “CapsLock” functionality, you can download and install ANSI ONLY & UNICODE ONLY packages separatelly! “HY” – will be Armenian UNICODE, “AF” – will be Armenian ANSI; “RU” – Russian UNICODE, “RO” – Russian ANSI. Switching by “Alt+Shift“, as usual.
Here are separate packages:
Armenian Phonetic ANSI ONLY “AF
Armenian Phonetic UNICODE ONLY “HY

Russian Phonetic ANSI ONLY “RO
Russian Phonetic UNICODE ONLY “RU

If any problem with downloading, – here are the alternative links for mirror files:
All AK-Fonts: Mirror 1 , Mirror 2
All AK-Keyboards: Mirror 1 , Mirror 2

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