Why Caps lock Automatically Switches Off, when I type in ANSI mode in MS Word?

Ms Word sometimes automatically switches Off “Caps Lock” Key. It’s one of Autocorrection options.
So, to avoid this, – go to Word Options->Proofing->AutoCorrect Options and uncheck “Correct accidental usage of Caps Lock Key” checkbox.

Why After several Alt+Shift press, language do not comes back to English?

Check, is there some other keyboard driver installed – uninstall all of them.(For ex. KdWin, NLS, WinKeys)

Why the key-sequence remain the same(not like Kdwin) after installing?

Probably there was already installed some keyboard driver before, – uninstall all additional languages, leave only English.
Then Install Autograph Keys Again.
(Got to ControlPanel->Regional Settings->Languages->Details” and remove “RO”, “RU”, “HY”, “AF” – All, other than “EN”. Then install Autograph Keys Again)

Why language automatically changes, when I switch from Word to Explorer, or other application?

It’s OK! – Ask Microsoft corporation:)
It is good property, that Windows remembers which language you use per task. So after switching tasks, the language remain, as you start typing in every task separately!

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