Armenian, French and Russian Keyboard layots

Armenian, Russian and French PHONETIC Keyboard Layouts.
The Advantages are:
1. No need additional soft (like KdWin, WinKeys) – they embedded in Windows at taskbar
2. There are ANSI, UNICODE and 2in1(switching by “CapsLock”) typesets in Phonetic typing modes
3. They also contain “«»“(chakert), “՞“(hartsakan), “՜“(batsakanchakan), “`“(but), “՛“(shesht) and “֏“(Dram) symbols for Armenian, “ъ“(Tvjordij znak), “ё“(Io) for Russian keyboards, “â ä à æ ç è é ê ë ï î ô œ û ü ù ÿ € ₣ « »” for French
4. Allows using English Keyboard and usual numeric and symbolic keys overlapped by Armenian, French or Russian letters, WITHOUT SWITCHING TO EN layot (just press RightALT and type!)
5. Usual for KdWin users key placement!
6. Loading fast (not like KdWin – it is embedded in Windows), do not hang.
7. It’s FREE!

Here are the latest versions (Dec.2017):

Armenian for MS Windows (Phonetic UNICODE)  –  see details..
French for MS Windows (Phonetic UNICODE)  –  see details..
Russian for Windows (Phonetic UNICODE)  –  see details..
Armenian for MAC OS X (Phonetic UNICODE)  –  see details..
French for MAC OS X (Phonetic UNICODE)  –  see details..

For some releases of Windows 10, to make keyboards visible, you have to pick one checkbox! – please see instruction

Older Versions:

Armenian Phonetic ANSI & UNICODE – mode switching – by “CapsLock” Key
Russian Phonetic ANSI & UNICODE – mode switching – by “CapsLock” Key

If You don’t like idea of 2in1 ANSI & UNICODE or/and need usual “CapsLock” functionality, you can download and install ANSI ONLY & UNICODE ONLY packages separatelly! “HY” – will be Armenian UNICODE, “AF” – will be Armenian ANSI; “RU” – Russian UNICODE, “RO” – Russian ANSI. Switching by “Alt+Shift“, as usual.
Here are separate packages:
Armenian Phonetic ANSI ONLY “AF
Armenian Phonetic UNICODE ONLY “HY

Russian Phonetic ANSI ONLY “RO
Russian Phonetic UNICODE ONLY “RU

If any problem with downloading, – here are the alternative links for mirror files:
All AK-Keyboards: Mirror 1

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